Parallel Sessions Details (DAY 1)

# Paper ID Title Presenter
1 55 Smart Hospital Services: Health 4.0 and Opportunity for Developing Economies Oliver Nwauka
2 161 Paradigms for Commercialising Technologies in the 4IR Era Rendani Mamphiswana
3 190 Industry 4.0’ Awareness and Readiness within the Vento Region (Italy) Syed Sultan Ali
4 221 The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Agribusiness sector in Egypt Mahmoud Abdelnabby
5 42 Service Innovation and Its Impact on Financial Performance Fabio de Oliveira Paula
6 127 Re-Innovating Digital Technologies in Undeveloped Cities by Using Iot And Renewable Energies to Join to The Digital World Era – Case Study and New Concept Asghar Jabalbarezisarbijan
7 138 Reinventing Open Innovation to Services Innovation – Critical Factors Deep Dive in Probiotics Industry Yin-Lang Liu
8 259 Open Innovation Strategies and Product Profitability of Small- And Medium-Sized Enterprises: Analysis of Constraints and Searching Abilities to Generate Innovation Fisher Jen-Fu Wang
9 261 The Role of Alliance Portfolio Diversity on Firm Innovation and Performance: The Case of Colombia Paula Fabio de Oliveira
10 37 Arts Entrepreneurship by Bricolage: The Resource Boundary View Hui-Fen Chen
11 3 Policy Mix to support Digital Industry in Developing Countries; Do we need New Instruments or can Traditional Policies suffice? David Walwyn
12 16 Egypt X.0… Moving behind Industry 4.0 towards Industry X.0 Mohamed Azzam
13 49 Measuring Competitiveness of Select Firms in AI Segments: Exploring Softer Dimensions of Technology Management Kirankumar S. Momaya
14 71 The Development of Strategic Management and its Relationship with Innovation Studies  Sehwa Wu
15 84  Digital Transformation and Learning Communities in the Practice of Project Management Robert Bierwolf
16 11 Sectoral Contextualization of Technological Capabilities: A View of the Oil and Gas Sector Marie-James Sibe
17 31 A Contingency Approach to the SMES’ Internationalization Practices: A Case Study in the United States Benoit Gaussin
18 100 Research on the Dominant Logic of News Media Management: Cases of Taiwan Media Hai-Lan Yang

Parallel Sessions Details (DAY 2)

# Paper ID Title Presenter
1 139 Sectoral Contextualization of Technological Capabilities: A View of the Oil and Gas Sector James Manoel Guimarães Weiss
2 152 A Contingency Approach to the SMES’ Internationalization Practices: A Case Study in the United States Marthinus W. Pretorius
3 184 Research on the Dominant Logic of News Media Management: Cases of Taiwan Media Maria Fatima Ludovico de Almeida
4 191 Research on the Dominant Logic of News Media Management: Cases of Taiwan Media Prof. Binilkumar Amarayil Sreeraman
5 141 Government Innovation 4.0: The Roadmap to Digital Transformation in Egypt Mohamed Kholief
6 181 Innovation Patterns in Knowledge-Intensive Business Services in an Emerging Market Economy Maria Almeida
7 205 The New Complexity and New Dynamics of Technological Change; and its Effects on Innovation Management María Del Pilar Escott Mota
8 276 Grassroot Innovations For Institute Flexibility: Leveraging Management Of Technology To Improve Learner Health Through Regular Practices Chaitanya Johari
9 4 Effect of Variability in Project Management Competence on Project Delivery Noah Ogano
10 52 4IR Technologies for Business Modelling and Optimisation Chuk Medoh
11 56 Barriers towards Energy Digitization: An African Perspective Arnesh Telukdarie
12 87 Technology-Transfer from Public Funded Mission-Oriented Research Organizations to Industries: Systematic Literature Review Thyagaraju Ponangi Hanumath
13 266 The Effects of Technology Transfer via Foreign direct Investment on Improvement of Technological Capabilities (Case Study in the Iranian Auto Parts Industry Saeed Baghdadi
14 61 A New Formulation for the Yard Crane Scheduling Problem with Energy Consumption Considerations Mohamed Abdelmoniem
15 89 Co-creation or co-opetition? A case study of a deep-tech venture and its corporate Venture investors Tsung-Hsien Han
16 149 Prognostics and Health Management Modelling: Applying Machine Learning Techniques to develop a Predictive Maintenance Strategy in the Railway Environment Jacques Coetzee
17 171 A Conceptual Framework for Machine Ethics Development and Adoption Francois Theron
18 33 A Research on Serial Product Value Conversion Process Kiyohiro Yamazaki
19 107 A Proposed Mathematical Model for Production Planning Problem in the Brewing Industry Mamoletsi Nkadimeng
20 132 The Challenge of SMEs’ Export: The Case of Argentine Wine Companies Manon Enjolras
21 271 Exploring Role of Technology Management for Competitiveness of Software Firms in Industry 4.0: Case of an Emerging Global it Leader from India Akash Kumar
22 62 Emerging Data Acquisition Technologies in Railway Infrastructure Condition Monitoring and the Adoption Challenges Johannes W. van Schalkwyk
23 123 Digital Applications using Real-Time Vehicle Exhaust Information Mohammad Fahad Bin Alam
24 22 New Artist, Who Dis? Digital Platforms And The Music Industry Of Small Island Developing States: The Case Of Curaçao (Presentation Only) Guido Rojer

Parallel Sessions Details (DAY 3)

# Paper ID Title Presenter
1 5 Evolving Dynamics of Heterogeneous SAAS Applications and Business Process Automation in Real-Time Enterprises Vikas Shah
2 35 The use of Artificial Intelligence in the Lumbar Puncture Procedure to minimise Complications in Patients Tawanda Mushiri
3 47 The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Prospects and Challenges for Africa Rendani Mamphiswana
4 174 Proposal of an Electronic Health Record Integrated to an Artificial Intelligence System for Early Detection of Sepsis Patricia Moreira
5 231 Fintech Platforms and Competitiveness: Exploring Role of MoT as a Differentiator for Fio’s firms of Indian Origin (FIOs) Akhil Sai Kishore Bodduri
6 64 Institutional Entrepreneurs in the Field of Education: Achieving Goals through Innovation Huan Wei Liang, Yu Hui Lin
7 137 A Business Model for a Multi-Tenancy Platform enabling Supply Chain Visibility between the National Department of Health and Private Suppliers Euodia Vermeulen
8 140 Modeling The Innovativeness Of Smes/Start-Ups: The Case Of Egypt (Presentation Only) Mohamed Kholief
9 158 Tracing Research Status and Trend of Aging Service Robotics in China: A Patent-Based Approach Zhengmin Wang
10 223 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Global Practices and Reflection on the Egyptian Context Heba Labib
11 13 Strategies for Competitiveness in a Digital World Gita Surie
12 125 Antifragile Organisations: Gaining instead of Failing from Disruption Joanie Geldenhuys
13 233 Digital Transformation Strategy Framework Ahmed Saleh
14 57 A Study on Enhancement Plans for Rural Small to Medium Brick Manufacturers Portia Mahumapelo
15 81 An IOT Based System Predictive Maintenance and Operations Scheduling System for Yard Crane Control in Container Terminals Andrew Oladugba
16 135 Bibliometric Analysis of Technology Management Research Topic Trends Rudolph Oosthuizen
17 272 The Importance of Understanding the Market Before Introducing a New Product: A Case study Humna Hassan Malik
18 53 The Effectiveness of an Inventory Management System at a Tobacco Manufacturer Fumani Ngobeni
19 108 Optimization and System Dynamics-Based Simulation for Electricity Generation-Mix Planning and GHG Emissions Mitigation Zakaria Yahia
20 114 Supply Chain Management of Milled Grain Products: A Review and Conceptual Framework Martin Siluthanyi
21 185 Connecting Nanotechnology in the Food Safety Value Chain – An Adaptation of a Food Safety Standard Shalini Singh
22 192 Managing Supplier Quality in the Supply Chain of an Electronics Manufacturing Organization Nomthandazo Nkosi
23 80 Towards an Approach for Applying Reality Technology in Railway Training and Maintenance Pieter Conradie
24 222 Organizational Function Boundaries of Enterprise Innovation in the Internet Technology Environment: A Case study on the Interface between Research and Development Departments and Information Departments in the Information Software Service Industry Shu-Hua Li
25 256 Green Telecommunication: Are We Ready To Adopt It? Shikha Sargam
26 262 Human Resource Capacity and Innovation Capability in the Food and Beverage Firms Victor Oluwasina
27 227 Enterprise social Media for digital Transformation: A systematic Literature Review Leandro Feitosa Jorge

Parallel Sessions Details (DAY 4)

# Paper ID Title Presenter
1 8 Modelling the Potential Impact of e-Content and e-Learning in Education Outcomes of Poor SA Schools in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era George Maluleke
2 113 Data Analytics Maturity Models: A Systematic Literature Review Ziad Diab
3 186 Logistics 4.0 Technologies In Agriculture Systems: Potential Impacts in the SDG Mohammad Amr
4 226 Guidelines for selecting Emerging Technology Features for Cloud ERP Ahmed Fayed
5 268 Analysing The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence on the Competitiveness Of Tourism Firms Using Modified Total Interpretive Structural Modeling (TIsM) Kamakshi Sharma
6 36 Innovation Stories Platform: A Holistic Framework for Innovation Case Studies Vincent Boly
7 40 Actors in Innovation Network Life Cycle in Iran’s Space Industry Mohammad Ardakan
8 48 Task Conflict and Innovative Behavior: The Role of Constructive Conflict and Grit Hsueh-Liang Fan
9 126 An Innovation Management Approach for the Digital Transformation of Industries Maturity Assessment: Case Studies in the Peruvian Mining Yannick Patrick Carrasco Merma
10 202 Shaping National Innovation Systems: Firms and the Coevolution of Technology and Institutions Helena Espellet Klein
10 274 Towards a Modelling Framework for Innovation for Inclusive Development Systems: A scoping Review of the Literature Michal Venter
12 29 Influences on Knowledge use in Projects Christoff Müller
13 54 A Comparative Analysis of Project Management Frameworks Oreratile Senokoane
14 66 Early Life Cycle Design Management – A Case Study on MBSE Deployment in Project Execution Philip Steyn
15 82 Technology-Transfer from Public Funded Mission-Oriented R&D: A Case from India Thyagaraju Ponangi Hanumath
16 41 Determinants of the Financial Failure of the Business Public Sector as applied on the Textile Sector Asmaa Alazab Ahmed
17 97 Managing Urban Infrastructure Transitions for Smart Sustainable Cities Heinrich Geldenhuys
18 175 Demand Management Practices: A Look at the South African Food and Beverage Industry Erick Bakama
19 220 Getting Complementors On Board: Empirical Evidence From The 7th And 8th Generations Of Video Game Consoles (Presentation Only) Vladimir C. M. Sobota
20 264 A Scoping Review for the Development of a Maturity Framework for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: The Case for Cemented Tungsten Carbides A.J. Burger
21 58 South African Digital Strategy for Agriculture: Investigating End to End Digital Technologies applicable in the Agriculture Value Chain Linda Njomane
22 218 Simplified Modelling for Power Consumption of Base Station Sites in Mobile Telecommunications systems Mostafa Hegazy
23 257 Exploring the Relationship Between Customer Needs and Product Target Specifications for Cosmetic Emulsions Juliana Serna Rodas
24 263 A scoping Review of Additive Manufacturing Policies Michelle Mc Clelland
25 267 A scoping Review of the Use of data Analytics for the Evaluation of Health Applications Ané van Schalkwyk
26 150 A Systematic Literature Review Of Iot- Driven Application In Healthcare (Presentation Only) Pratima Bhagat
27 50 Managing Carbon Emissions Risks: A Literature Review within a South African Context Simphiwe Zuma
28 143 Current Approaches on Chemical Product Design: A Study of Opportunities Identification for Integrated Methodologies Javier Arrieta-Escobar
29 169 Artificial Intelligence for Retail Industry In Egypt: Challenges and Opportunities Hanan Elgezery
30 265 The Impact of digitalization and Additive Manufacturing on Business Models and value Chains: A scoping Review Ane van Heerden
31 38 Bricolage through Interactive Objects: The Roles of Interaction and Object on Bricolage in Team Hui-Fen Chen
32 44 Crafting as Cultivation: The Capability View of Job Crafting Hui-Fen Chen