Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

‘Proceedings will be listed in Scopus’

‘Proceedings will be listed in Scopus’

Under the Auspices of H.E. Dr. Amr Talaat
Minister of Communication & Information Technology


Technology is the main factor that is changing the world as we know it today, the conference aim is to advance and support the practice of MOT for the betterment of our organizations, societies, and future. The conference will bring the most pressing technology related issue for an in-depth analysis, discussion and study to facilitate the transformation of knowledge and exchange of expertise. In this year’s 30th International Conference, authors are recommended to address MOT issues related to the World of the Future including Competitiveness, Innovation and Foreseen Changes.


Anthon Botha

Board Member - IAMOT

Anuja Agarwal

NMIMS University, India

Arun Jacob

Economist and Development Coordination officer at the UN office in Egypt

Breno Nunes

Vice-president for Education, Research and Publications - IAMOT

Basil Khalil

Vice-president of Operations for FedEx Express, Latin America and Caribbean Division

David Bailey

Professor of Business Economics at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham

David Bennett

Founding Member of IAMOT

Geerten van de Kaa

Associate Professor of Standardization and Business Strategy at Delft University of Technology

Gita Surie

Adelphi University, USA

Harm-Jan Steenhuis

Hawaii Pacific University, USA

James Fleck

University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Jeff Baetz

Global Industry CTO - IBM

Massoud Amin

University of Minnesota, USA

Mohamed Azzam

Senior Digital Transformation Consultant, Egypt

Nemat Minouche Shafik

Director of the London School of Economics

Nezar N. Sami

Board Member - IAMOT

Mostafa Ghaly

Business process innovation consultant, Former Deputy Minister of Planning

Osman Ahmed

President IAMOT

Richard Dictus

NU Resident Coordinator and UNDP Representative in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Roland Ortt

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Scott Cunningham

University of Strathclyde, UK

Steve Walsh

Senior editor of Journal of Small Business Management

Tarek M. Khalil

The President of Nile University

Tugrul Daim

Portland State University, USA

Wael Akl

Nile University, Egypt


IAMOT is the international organization dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in Management of Technology (MOT) education and research. IAMOT is a non-governmental, non-profit organization incorporated in 1992 in the State of Florida, USA. Its purpose is to encourage high-quality research and education in the field of MOT. It accomplishes this purpose through various activities including sponsoring international conferences; publishing newsletters/periodicals, conference proceedings, books and special issues of scholarly journals and recognizing academic programs. IAMOT acts as an information exchange hub on teaching and research issues in MOT. The Association has membership from all over the world.

History of IAMOT

Tarek Khalil paper “MOT: Past, Present & Future”.

Report of the Workshop on MOT, Tarek Khalil & B. Bayraktar “Challenges and Opportunities for Research in the Management of Technology”, National Science Foundation & University of Miami, 1988.

Report of the Workshop on MOT & Paradigm Shift in Education in Response to the Technology Revolution, Tarek Khalil “Management of Technology: Future Directions and Needs for the New Century”, National Science Foundation & University of Miami, 1998.

Report of the Workshop on MOT, Tarek Khalil “Management of Technology: The Drivers of Technological Changes in the Twenty First Century”, National Science Foundation & University of Miami, January 2000.

Organizing Committee

General Chair:

Tarek Khalil, Egypt.

Conference Program Chairs:
  • Leon Pretorius, South Africa.
  • Tinus Pretorius, South Africa
Executive Committee:
  • Osman Ahmed, USA, President of IAMOT.
  • Breno Nunes, UK, VP of IAMOT.
  • Laure Morel, France, VP of IAMOT.
  • Joe Amadi-Echendu, South Africa, Treasurer of IAMOT.
  • Paulo Zawislak, Brazil, Secretary
Awards Chair:

David Bennett, England.

IAMOT Board of Directors:
  • Anthon Botha, South Africa.
  • Anuja Agarwal, India.
  • Breno Nunes, UK.
  • David Bennett, Sweden/UK. 
  • Gertten van de Kaa, Netherlands.
  • Gita Surie, USA.
  • Joe Amadi-Echendu, South Africa.
  • John O. Aje, USA.
  • Karuna Jain, India.
  • Kirankumar S. Momaya, India.
  • Laure Morel, France.
  • Leon Pretorius, South Africa.
  • Marianne Horlesberger, Austria.
  • Mohamed Azzam, Egypt.
  • Nezar Sami, Egypt.
  • Osman Ahmed, USA.
  • Paula Antonio Zawislak, Brazil.
  • Raman Agrawalla, India.
  • Roland J. Ortt, Netherlands.
  • Ruchita Gupta, India.
  • Tarek Khalil, Egypt.
  • Tinus Pretorius, South Africa.



Abstracts are invited in the following research tracks but not limited to:

Conference Schedule

Last IAMOT Conference in Cairo.


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Mr. Augusto Roca
IAMOT 2020 Registration Manager
IAMOT Headquarters
1251 Memorial Drive
McArthur Engineering Building Room 268
Coral Gables, FL 33146


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(28th conference)
Place: Mumbai, India
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IAMOT 2020
Dr Leon Pretorius
Dr Marthinus Pretorius
Place: Nile University,Egypt
Date: 13 – 17 September 2020


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